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Trish Gayle is a person, not a company. I am Trish Gayle. If you call, chat, message or text us, I'm usually the one communicating with you. Why me? Because it is important to me that you get great customer support, that you get factual information and that when your order arrives, you get no surprises (except good ones).

I began my career in the cake decor industry as a graphic artist for My Party Helpers, a global provider of specialty foods including a portfolio of thousands of edible topper designs. After being promoted to graphic designer, custom topper designs to the services provided to bakeries. Three years later I was able to set up my own shop with My Party Helpers being my first, and still now, largest customer for edible cake toppers.

I love being able to provide custom and impossible to find toppers. Being a Mom, I know how important it is to us to fulfill our kids' (and other loved ones) requests. There isn't anything too strange or too impossible for me to try (although the stranger and more impossible might take longer than the norm!)

When a customer is unhappy with their order, I take it very personally. That's my choice of raw materials, my design, my product, my service... and it's my customer that's unhappy. I am a perfectionist and I want everything to be perfect for every customer for each and every order. Every single item we ship is inspected by a minimum of two people and must pass the "would I be happy to have paid for this" test. We are human and mistakes are made and sometimes mistakes are missed but we want to make it right. 

If you have a question, comment or issue (especially if you have an issue) pick up the phone, open the online chat, use Messenger or text to contact me. 

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