About us

Hi! My name is Trish Gayle. I am the creative driving force behind My Party Helpers and the customizing guru for edible cake decorations. My Party Helpers sells mostly to home and cottage bakers and receives many custom request and to meet those needs, My Party Helpers now refers all custom requests to TrishGayle.com

I love being able to provide customized, impossible to find, party supplies. Being a Mom I know how important it is to us to fulfil our kids' (and other loved ones') requests. There isn't anything too strange or too impossible for me to try (although the stranger and more impossible might take longer than the norm!)

Both Trish Graham (My Party Helpers) and I are perfectionists and are in complete agreement when it comes to the quality of product we mail. Every single product we ship is inspected by one of us and must pass the "would I pay for this" test. Both of us had bad experiences with inferior (my case) or total lack of (her case) service or product so we are SO critical when it comes to our product & service.

It may be a different website and name in your browser window but we make EVERY effort to ensure that what is sent to you matching in color and design what you see (yea, monitor COLORS may differ slightly but the QUALITY is always the same). The same premium quality products, the same premium quality designs, the same premium quality service - and still ALL edible toppers ordered by 3pm EST are shipped out that same day!

In addition to custom graphic toppers, I am thrilled to announce that I provide custom 2D fondant characters, toppers, plaques, etc.

 As always, if you have a question, comment or issue (especially if you have an issue) pick up the phone and call us! One of us Trish's :) will answer regardless of time (if we can).